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Employees prefer Mac


said they can work more productively on a Mac workstation


felt it was easier to collaborate with colleagues1


would choose a Mac
if they had the choice2

1 Based on Jamf research
2 According to research by macto5

MacBook Air 13.3

M1 chip with 7 core GPU 256 GB storage Mac as a Service monthly fee for a fixed term of 36 months net
19 500Ft/month*
*We reserve the right to change prices.

MacBook Pro 14.2

M1 chip with 14 core GPU 512 GB storage Mac as a Service monthly fee for a fixed term of 36 months net
39 500Ft/month*
*We reserve the right to change prices.
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Choose Telekom Mac as a Service!

With our unique Mac as a Service Offer, you can easily create a hybrid working environment so everyone can work on the device they prefer. We provide an affordable service for a seamless integration of your chosen Apple device for a noticable higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

Apple devices + Telekom services = Mac as a Service

What do we offer with Mac as a Service?

For the employees:

  • A genuine Apple experience
  • Satisfying workplace
  • Device choices

For IT managers:

  • The potential to introduce Mac without increasing IT costs
  • Less IT support demand
  • Troublefree operation of a hybrid (Mac and PC) IT fleet

For businesses / organizations:

  • Increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Service for a monthly fee
  • Attractive job creation and retention

Why Telekom?

surprise-and-delight Complete service package

followup-engagement Outstanding partnership and expertise

followup-engagement Employee satisfaction

mywallet Monthly fee scheme

expense-management Predictable monthly costs instead of upfront investment

How Mac as a Service is structured

ISurvey and planning

  • Job analysis: where to use a Mac
  • Required preparations for implementation

IIPersonalized subscription packages

  • Selection and procurement of technology and equipment

IIIInstallation and integration

  • Zero Touch deployment
  • Optional MDM service, even in a hybrid environment
  • E2E service
  • Device deployment upon company sites

IVLifecycle management

  • Asset management
  • Service Desk Service
  • Equipment replacement guarantee
  • Multiplatform environment
  • Ability to run a virtual Windows environment

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